Endorsed By 100 Years of Leadership 

Colleen Barkham
Oakland Township Park Commissioner (28th Year)
"I’m so excited to introduce seven very qualified residents who have come forward to run for the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission! They are enthusiastic about our parks and want to continue the vision for our park lands and open space. These seven candidates bring honesty, integrity and a willingness to work together to accomplish park goals. Vote for the seven that will preserve, protect and manage our parks for us and future generations!"
Dave Mackley
Oakland Township Park Commissioner (32nd Year)
"Thirty-two years ago I began the journey of being a part of the creation and improving of the Oakland Township's Park System. Over the years it has become a jewel within the Township to the point where I feel I can let others continue the vision we have created. With that I feel it is time to turn over the visions to a new group of Park Commissioners. These seven candidates have the honesty, integrity and willingness to continue and maintain these visions for our Township Parks. Land preservation and improving parks for the residents should continue to be of high priority. "
Joe Peruzzi
Oakland Township Park Commissioner (16th Year)
"Oakland Township residents will "hit the ball out of the park" when they vote for the seven candidates on the Park Protectors team. Professionals in their individual fields, all of these candidates value and hold dear the importance of parklands, nature and open spaces that residents moved to Oakland Township in the first place. In my 16 years as a Parks Commissioner I firmly believe that the work we did is not only for our current residents but for future generations to come. I am proud of that work. And I am certain the Parks Protectors team will continue that legacy."
Alice Tomboulian
Oakland Township Park Commissioner (24th Year)
"It’s a privilege to endorse these seven candidates for the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Commission. Each shares the vision and values that have guided the growth and excellence of our system of parks and natural areas. They care about our open space, and are eager to put their talents to work on fulfilling park goals shown in residents' surveys. Vote for these seven candidates to maintain our Oakland Township parks in the hands of good stewards and dedicated protectors!"

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Committee to Elect Emily Barkham, 717 Letts Rd., Oakland 48363 
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