Vote August 2nd for the

Park Protectors

Emily Barkham | Craig Blust |
Dan Bukowski | Colin Choi |
Cathy Rooney | Daniel Simon |
Hank Van Agen 
for Oakland Township
Parks and Recreation Commission
 Preserving OUR PARKS for the next generation!
Endorsed By Our Retiring Commissioners That Created Our Beautiful Park System
Colleen Barkham
Dave Mackley
Joe Peruzzi
Alice Tomboulian
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Our Commitment to Oakland Township if Elected
  • Protect and Preserve our Parks Natural Areas and Open Space

  • Improve Access to Trails and Facilities within the Parks for All Residents to Enjoy

  • Foster Family Activities and Community Recreation

  • Serve You in a Fiscally Sound, Ethical and Civil Manner

Campaign Buzz and Related News

June 2, 2016

Park Protectors proud to be endorsed by award winning "Protectors of Nature"

Click the link below to read about our "Protectors of Nature".  The Park Protectors couldn't be prouder to be endorsed by the very people who have created and managed Oakland Township parks for all these years. Congratulations to Alice Tomboulian, Colleen Barkham, Dave Mackley and Joe Peruzzi for this well-deserved honor.  We will try to live up to your vision and commitment if the voters honor all 7 of us with their votes in the August 2nd primary.

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Please beware of Park Protector imitators on Facebook... If you can't beat them, copy them... we guess.  Nonetheless, we are flattered by the other "Park Protectors".  Thanks guys!

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Please download our latest Park Protectors flyer and share it with your neighbors, friends and family!

May 18, 2016

Park Protector, Dan Simon, helps clean up Paint Creek

Click the link below to read about Paint Creek clean-up efforts involving Park Protector, Dan Simon and other volunteers. Dan Simon can be seen in the picture at the back right standing in a blue hoodie and flat cap.  Big thanks go out to Dan and these volunteers for protecting and enhancing Paint Creek!

Park Protectors Flyer

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May 12, 2016

Oakland Township Master Plan Workshop

It was great seeing our community come together to shape the vision of Oakland Township.  Thanks to those who weathered the storm to make the trip to the Paint Creek Cider Mill Building to share your ideas! We also hope you had a chance to meet members of the Park Protectors as well as their PRC Endorsers at the event.

Please check out the Fact Sheet below which includes facts about Parks and Recreation spending by the PRC 


Please beware! There are people throwing out information that is not factually correct and is misleading. This document attempts to set everything straight. If you have concerns and/or are not sure about the facts you are receiving, please contact the Oakland Township Parks and Recreation Department directly. 

May 7, 2016

Oakland Township Clean Scene

Thanks to those who came out and supported Clean Scene! The event was a success and it was great seeing good friends and new neighbors working together for a good cause!  Special thanks to Park Protector, Hank Van Agen for picking up and hauling trash bags and other rubbish until well after 4:30 pm! Hank was also recognized by Trustee Buxar at the Board of Trustees Meeting for his extra effort . Here's to Hank!!!

Parks Spending Fact Sheet

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Paid for by the :
Committee to Elect Emily Barkham, 717 Letts Rd., Oakland 48363 
Committee to Elect Craig Blust, 2222 West Buell Rd., Oakland 48363
Committee to Elect Daniel Bukowski, 3645 East Clarkston Rd., Oakland 48363
Committee to Elect Colin Choi, 1700 Silverbell Rd., Rochester, 48306
Committee to Elect Cathy Rooney, 1080 Oak Hill Rd., Rochester, 48306 
Committee to Elect Daniel Lee  Simon, 800 East Snell Rd., Rochester, 48306
Committee to Elect Henry Van Agen, 3320 Landview Dr., Rochester 48306